Introducing the Sputnik Sinker, provided by the great Rich Vidulich.


As Rich tells it, Sputniks were first invented 20 years ago without wires.  Global long distance casting tournaments approved 151 gram [ 5 oz.] as the standard, knowing it would increase distances.  The molds were changed to accept stainless wires to achieve distance and replace heavier pyramid sinkers. The wires were angled to lay on  beach and not catch the sand.  The molds have channels for the plastic sleeves to lock into.  Once the the Sputnik hits the bottom it locks in to hold position in adverse conditions.  When a fish hits the baited rig the wires pull loose to allow the hooked fish swim off and be reeled in.


These sinkers are available in 3, 4 and 5 ounces.


Don’t get caught fishing without yours!

Sputnik Sinker


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